We are a values-led financial services firm that aims to provide the highest quality of service to clients, delivered by recognized experts, based upon robust processes, with demonstrable value. Our key objective is to fully align the interests of clients, providers and the firm for mutual benefit, making us the partner of choice.

Deliberately moving away from the traditional model of financial services we aim to take advantage of collective strength to create a unique client experience, thereby giving all of its stakeholders lasting security. You can find out more about us by visiting www.higgsbosoncapital.com

Information for members of our practice

Everything you need is available via this dedicated platform. We have created a range of supportive on-line apps and practical resources to help support members of our practice.

Our dedicated financial platform allows you to securely upload details about you, your financial circumstances and financial provisions. This allows us to build detailed financial models to support and enhance your financial planning strategy. Once you’re engaged in developing your strategy our regular investment commentaries will keep you up to date on the economic backdrop and progress of your plans.

Of course, our practice and the economic landscape are constantly evolving. We’ll keep you fully up to date on all the important developments, and how they’ll affect you, through our regular practice briefings.

To gain access you will need to register first, and then have your account approved by one of our team. Once your account has been approved you can then access our platform.